Migrating your podcast from Podbean to Castos

To switch your podcast hosting from Podbean to Castos takes just a few steps, many of them we take care of for you.  

Firstly, when you signup for your Castos account you'll be prompted to enter the feed URL of the podcast you want to migrate over to Castos.  In Podbean you can find your podcast RSS feed in the Settings -> Feed/iTunes area of your Podbean dashboard.

Once we notify you that the migration has been complete you'll want to take 2 steps:

  • Ensure that your RSS feed is set up properly in your Castos dashboard
  • And then, redirect your Podbean RSS feed to your Castos RSS feed URL

Let's walk through each of those.

Setting up your Castos RSS feed

This part is pretty straight forward, but just involves you copying the existing feed settings from your Podbean account into your Castos account. It includes fields in your feed like the Title, Description, Categories, and Cover Image of your show.

Once this is done your Castos feed should be identical to your Podbean feed on both the meta level (i.e. the Title of your podcast, the categories, cover image, Author fields, etc.), and the Episode level (i.e. all of the episodes are appearing in your Castos dashboard that you'd previously published in Podbean.

Redirecting your Podbean feed to your Castos feed URL

Once you've ensured that your new Castos feed URL is complete and identical to your Podbean feed URL it's time to redirect the Podbean feed URL to the new Castos feed URL. 

To do this in your Podbean account head to the Settings -> Feed/iTunes area of your show's dashboard.

There once you scroll to the bottom of that page and select the "Advanced Feed Settings" toggle you'll see the "New Feed URL" field. 

Next, head over to your Castos dashboard  and in the Podcast -> Settings -> Distribution area, copy your Castos Feed URL (image below)

and paste that link into the "Redirect Feed to this Web Address" field in your Podbean dashboard, and click "Update Options".

Once this has been saved you can test that these settings are properly set by pasting in your Podbean feed URL into your web browser URL bar, and when you hit Enter it will automatically redirect you to your Castos feed URL.

We suggest keeping the Podbean account active for ~2 weeks to ensure that the redirection has taken effect with all podcasting directories and apps. This will ensure a seamless transition for your listeners.

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