How Can I Add New Podcast Episodes

Once you sign up for your Castos account you next arrive at our Welcome screen.  Here we will ask you a bit of information about your show, and where you would like to publish your podcast content and feed.  This is an important decision because it dictates where you will add new podcast content.  

Here you can see that the title of my podcast is Podcast Hackers, and I've chosen the slug of the show to be "craigcastos1".  This will be the base of your Castos website URL, so my show would be

Once you enter your show name and slug it's time to choose where you want to publish your podcast content and manage your RSS feed.  We make this a one time selection (if you want to change it just get in touch with us at to avoid any confusion about where you're publishing your content and what is included in your RSS feed.  

If you choose to publish your content from WordPress then all of your podcast episodes and your podcast RSS feed will be managed through your WordPress site.  Of course using Castos hosting your files will be uploaded to, and served to your listeners, from the Castos platform via your WP site.  

If you choose to publish your content through your WP site then you WILL NOT see an option to publish new podcast episodes in your Castos dashboard. Again this is to avoid any confusion about what content is included in your feed.  All of your content should be published through WordPress if this is the option you choose.

If you choose to manage your episodes and RSS feed through the Castos platform then all of your podcast publishing will happen right inside your Castos dashboard.  

If you have any questions about where and how you're publishing your podcast content just let us know.

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