Migrating Your Podcast from Libsyn

Once you've imported your podcast to Castos, you can easily migrate to Castos without losing any of your ratings/reviews and subscribers. All you need to do is tell iTunes and other podcast directories that your podcast is now located in a different location.  To do this we will apply a 301 redirect FROM your old podcast RSS feed location (in this case on Libsyn) TO your new feed URL either on your WordPress site or on Castos.

Before you begin this process you want to make sure of 2 things:

  • All of your podcast episodes have been moved over to Castos (and/or your WordPress site if you're using Seriously Simple Podcasting)
  • You have recreated your RSS feed either in WP with Seriously Simple Podcasting or in your Castos Dashboard in the Feed Details area

Once these two things are complete we'll begin the process of redirecting your previous Libsyn RSS feed to your new feed either in WordPress or in Castos.

To do this start by 

  1. Logging into your Libsyn dashboard
  2. Next, Select “Destinations” in the menu
  3. Then click “Edit” for the “Libsyn Classic Feed”
  4. Expand “Advanced Options” section at the bottom of the page
  5. In the "Redirect Feed to this Web Address" textbox, paste your podcast RSS feed from your WordPress site if you're using Seriously Simple Podcasting, or from your Castos dashboard if not.
  6. Click "Save"

Libsyn will now redirect your feed to your new podcast RSS Feed URL.

Note: Although iTunes will normally pick up on changes within a few days, you should leave the old feed in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers are moved across.  2 weeks is a safe period of time for this.

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