Password protecting an RSS feed for a Private Podcast

If you want to restrict access to your podcast there are two options available to you within your Castos dashboard.

In the Podcast Settings area, the first option is to hide your Castos public pages. These are the type websites that Castos creates for each of your podcasts. These are set to display by default because most podcasters want their audiences to have easy access to their content. 

But, if you want to choose not to display your podcast episodes on your Castos public pages simply toggle this option to the Off position and all of the episodes on your public pages and your podcast landing page will be hidden.

Disabling your show's Castos public pages will still leave your show's RSS feed available to the public.  

Password Protecting Your RSS Feed

But to take things a step further in terms of restricting access to your show you can choose to make your feed Private, and password protect it.  

To do this head to Podcast Settings -> Distribution and choose the option to make your show Private.

This will automatically set a password for your show and update your feed URL.

Note: Doing this will leave any existing subscribers you have to your show unable to access your podcast or listen to new episodes. 

To share access with your now-private podcast simply copy the feed URL you see in the Distribution pane and share it with your intended audience.

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