Migrating your podcast from Simplecast to Castos

To move your podcast from Simplecast to Castos follow the below steps. There are some steps that you may need to add or omit depending on whether you are using WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting for your show. 

We cover many of the high-level considerations of moving your podcast from one provider to another in this article as well. 

If you're using Seriously Simple Podcasting

If your ultimate goal is to manage your podcast from your WordPress site the initial import of the RSS feed will need to take place in WordPress, not in Castos. Once your WordPress site and Castos account are connected via API key then all podcast changes you make in WordPress are automatically brought over to your Castos account. Also, you are not able to sync files from Castos to WordPress only from WordPress to Castos.

Migrating your podcast contents

To begin:

  • ONE: Move all of your podcast episodes to Castos or to your WordPress site if you're using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. You do this for Castos by providing your RSS feed URL during the onboarding process or in the SSP plugin by visiting Podcast > Settings > Import and selecting Import External Feed.
  • TWO: If you're using WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting then once the Simplecast feed is on your site, you will want to then sync those files on WordPress to Castos by going to Import > Trigger Import.  To make sure the sync has worked, check your Castots dashboard and make sure the URLs you see in the Podcast file window says Castos and not Simplecast.
  • THREE: Recreate your RSS feed either in WordPress with the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin or in your Castos Dashboard in the Feed Details area by adding all of the pertinent details like Podcast Name, Description, Categories etc.

Once these steps are complete you can begin the process of redirecting your previous Simplecast RSS feed to your new feed either in WordPress or in Castos.  All you need to do is tell Apple Podcasts and other podcast directories that your podcast is now located in a different location.  To do this you will apply a 301 redirect FROM your old podcast RSS feed location (in this case on Simplecast) TO your new feed URL either on your WordPress site or on Castos.

Redirecting your Simplecast RSS feed

To do this start by 

  • Logging into your Simplecast dashboard

  • Select the name of your podcast from the menu in the top-left corner of the screen and choose "Show Settings"

  • Scroll to the bottom of that page and open the pane for "Advanced Settings"

  • And in that area enter your Castos feed URL. This is the new destination feed for your show.

Once this process is done you can test this by copying your Simplecast RSS feed URL and pasting it in your browser's address bar.  You should be instantly taken to your Castos feed URL.

Note: Although directories like Apple Podcasts will normally pick up on changes within a few days, you should leave the old feed in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers are moved across.  2 weeks is a safe period of time for this.

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