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To add an episode playlist to your site as an element in the sidebar or other widget area, use the Podcast Playlist widget. Widget areas vary by theme and are usually visible on all pages of the website (such as headers, sidebars, footers). To add the Podcast Playlist widget, you will go to Appearance > Widgets and select the Podcast: Playlist widget.

Compact Player vs Standard HTML5 Player disclaimer: the Standard style of the player (HTML5 player) may appear truncated in widget areas that are too narrow. In this case, we recommend using our Compact Player only. If you choose to use the HTML5 player, adjustments will likely be required in order for the player to be displayed correctly on your website. If you have any questions or you’re unsure we strongly recommend consulting your web developer before making any changes.

Note: If you would like to add a playlist to a single page, you would want to use the Playlist Shortcode.


We’ve provided several options to customize the playlist player including but not limited to: displaying only specified episodes, excluding specified episodes, displaying a single series, and the order in which you wish to display them. No customization is required as default values would be used and all episodes would be displayed.


Title The title you would like to display for the player. Example: Latest Episodes


By default, all podcast episodes will be displayed. If you would like to only list specific episodes, you can enter the post ID of the episode(s) in this field, separated by commas. The post ID can be found within the URL of the episode from the editor screen.



A comma-separated list of episode IDs that you do not want to be displayed in the playlist.

Maximum Number of Episodes in List

The maximum number of episodes you wish to list.


The title of the series from which you would like to display episodes.

Player Style

Display either the Compact player (best for small sidebars) or the standard HTML5 player. Defaults to the setting from Settings→Player→Media player style


Light (default) or dark – these are style options that WordPress’ built-in media player offers. Defaults to the setting from Settings→Player→Media player style


The order in which the episodes should be listed  - ASC (default) or DESC.

Order By

The criteria with which you would like to order the episodes – can be any of the orderby parameters allowed in the WP_Query class. Defaults to menu_order ID or the order in which you specify episode IDs.

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