Submitting your podcast to Amazon Music

You can submit your podcast to Amazon Music right from your Castos dashboard.

From the Podcast -> Settings -> Distribution tab find the Amazon Music link and click through to it.

From the integrations page choose Amazon Music:

Choose which of your Podcasts you'd like to submit:

There you'll be prompted to submit any of the Podcasts you've created directly to Amazon Music.  Choose the "Country of Origin" and then verify your submission.

It takes Amazon Music a few hours to populate new shows, and then you can search on their platform to find your unique show URL.  Once you've found that copy that link and come back to your Castos dashboard to populate the Amazon Music subscribe link for your podcast pages.  

Once you submit your podcast, you can search for your podcast on Amazon by going to Click on the "Search" field and enter the podcast’s title. Under the "Podcasts" section, podcasters should see their show art - or they may need to click on "See All." Clicking on your show art will take your Amazon Music show page. There, copy the show page link from the browser address bar. It should look like:

If you're using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin for WordPress you'll want to add this Subscribe Link in your WordPress dashboard as well.  Check out this article about adding and customizing subscribe links.

Once you've pasted in your show's URL in Amazon Music save your podcast settings and you're all set. 

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