Adding Subscription Links to Your Podcast Page

When setting up your podcast in Castos, you will receive a podcast web page which houses all of your podcast episodes. The web page displays your podcast description, episodes and episode descriptions, and provides listeners the ability to subscribe to your show in the podcast platform of their choice. You have the ability to add the subscription link to six different platforms including:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Amazon Music
  • Castro
  • Google Play
  • Pocket Cast
  • Stitcher

Adding URLs

To create a subscription link, you need to add the show url to the field in Podcast > Settings > Distribution > Subscribe Link. In this example a URL is added for Apple Podcasts.

This link displays on your podcast web page when a listener hovers over the Subscribe button.

Finding Your Podcast Show URLs

When you submit your RSS feed to a platform for distribution you will be provide a browser URL where your show will appear on that service. 

For Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, PocketCast, Castro: your show URL will be in your account you have setup with that platform. Cut and past the URL to the corresponding field under Podcast > Settings > Distribution.

For Amazon Music: search in Amazon Music for you podcast name and copy and paste the URL into the corresponding field under Podcast > Settings > Distribution.

For Spotify: when you submit your podcast to Spotify using the Castos integration, the Spotify link will auto-populate. Please note: Adding external Spotify links is not available at this time.

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