Getting Started With Castos and Seriously Simple Podcasting

In this video we walk through the entire process of getting started with your Castos account, and how to integrate your Castos account to your WordPress site via our Seriously Simple Podcasting.

In this video we discuss:

  • Creating your Castos account
  • Setting up your first podcast
  • Publishing your first episode
  • Configuring your Castos Pages website
  • Completing your RSS feed
  • Getting your show ready to submit to podcast directories like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher

and regarding the WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin we discuss: 

  • Installing Seriously Simple Podcasting on your WordPress site
  • Creating a Castos account
  • Connecting your Castos account to your WordPress site via API key
  • Publishing your first episode in WordPress
  • Configuring the RSS feed
  • Creating an additional podcast Series in WordPress
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