Add your podcast to a Facebook Page

Publish your podcast on Facebook to share episodes with followers and grow your audience. 

What you'll need to get started:

  • Admin access to your company, business, or association's Facebook Page (option is not available for personal Facebook pages)

Copy your podcast's RSS feed URL

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard and click Settings to open the Podcast Settings page:


2. Click Distribution

3. Copy the RSS feed URL:


NOTE: Facebook does not support Private RSS feeds at this time. 


Submit the RSS feed to Facebook

1. On a desktop computer, sign into your Facebook Page and go to Page Settings

2. Click Podcasts > Add Podcast

3. Paste the RSS feed URL > click Add

Facebook will send an authentication code to the email associated with the RSS feed.

4. Click Authenticate Podcast and enter the code

5. Click Authenticate > Publish Podcast 

For additional details and troubleshooting steps, check out Facebook's help article Add your Podcast to your Facebook Page using your RSS Feed 

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