WordPress: Submit your podcast RSS feed to Apple Podcasts

Publish your podcast on the Apple Podcasts listening platform by submitting your podcast’s RSS feed URL. Once Apple Podcasts has processed and accepted the RSS feed, your existing episodes and episodes you add in the future will be published on Apple Podcasts automatically.

Copy the RSS feed URL in WordPress

1. Sign into your WordPress Admin dashboard 

2. Go to Podcast > Settings > Publishing

3. Copy your podcast’s Complete RSS feed URL:


Submit the RSS feed to Apple Podcasts

1. Use your Apple ID to sign into your Apple Podcasts Connect account 

2. Click the icon to add a new podcast: 


3. Enter the RSS feed URL copied from your Castos dashboard and follow the on-screen prompts

You will receive at least 2 emails from Apple Podcasts. The first email will confirm the RSS feed has been submitted for review. The 2nd email will let you know the RSS feed has been accepted and your podcast is now available on the Apple Podcasts platform. 

After you successfully validated your podcast RSS feed and submitted it for review, the process may take up to five business days. You can also monitor the status in Podcasts Connect.

If an issue prevents Apple Podcasts from accepting the RSS feed, the Apple Podcasts Connect Help site includes information to assist. 

PRO TIP: Add a Subscribe link to your podcast player. The 2nd email from Apple Podcasts will include a direct link a your podcast on their platform. Copy this link!

1. Return to your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Podcast > Settings > Feed Details

2. Paste the link in the Apple Podcasts field:


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