Submit your podcast RSS feed to Amazon Music and Audible

Prerequisites and Integration Note

  • Requires any paid Castos hosting plan
  • If your podcast is currently available on Amazon Music, using the direct integration isn't necessary
  • WordPress: Direct integrations use Castos-generated RSS feeds to submit to Amazon and Spotify.

Submit your podcast to Amazon Music for distribution right from your Castos dashboard

Sign into your Castos account and click Integrations:

Click Amazon Music in the right sidebar, find the podcast you'd like to submit, and click Submit to Amazon:

From the dialog box, select your podcast's country of origin then click Submit:

Note on Submission Time

Amazon asks podcasters to allow up to 24 hours for them to process and accept a new RSS feed. From Amazon Music's Podcaster FAQ:

Once you have submitted your podcast, please allow up to 24 hours for your show to become listed. The best way to know if your podcast is available is to search for your show on Amazon Music. If you're not finding your podcast & you submitted more than 24 hours ago, please reach out to our Amazon Music Podcast Team at

Adding Amazon Music subscribe link

After finding your podcast on Amazon, copy the URL to its page and come back to your WordPress dashboard
From Podcasting → Options, check Amazon and Save Options to toggle visibility of Amazon Music's subscribe link text field

At the bottom of Podcasting → Settings → Feed Details, paste the URL in text field below and press Save Settings:

YouTube Video on Amazon Music Integration

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