Working with podcast series

Podcast series are not just a convenient way to group your episodes – they also allow you to run multiple podcast shows from the same site with series-specific RSS feeds that you can make entirely unique.

You can create a new series in two ways:

From the series page
 Going to Podcast > Series in your admin menu will give you a list of all the existing series with an option to create a new one by filling in the available fields. Once you have added a series here then you will be able to select it when adding your episodes. This is also where you can edit your series from – simply hover over the series name and click the Edit link that appears.

From the episode edit screen
 On the episode edit screen you can click on the Add New Series link to add a new series. This will automatically select it for the current episode (although you can deselect it if you like) and it will also then appear on the series page under Podcast > Series.

To add an episode to a series, simply select the series in the Podcast Series on the episode edit screen. You can add one episode to as many series as you wish.

To delete a series go to the series page (Podcast > Series in your admin menu), hover over the series you are wanting to delete and click on the red Delete link.

To view a series on the frontend go to the series page (Podcast > Series in your admin menu), hover over the series you are wanting to view and click on the Viewlink. This will take you to frontend listing of all the episodes in that series.

Creating the unique RSS Feed for each of your Series

One of the most popular features of Seriously Simple Podcasting is the fact that you are able to edit the feed details for each series – this enables you to run multiple podcasts from the same site. You can edit a specific series’ feed details by going to the Feed Details tab on the Podcast > Settings page and selecting the series from the list at the top of the page.

By default when you create a new Series it will borrow the feed details (i.e. Title, Description, Cover Image, etc.) from the default feed. You'll want to modify these feed values for each Series you create as since they're separate feeds should have their own unique identities.

To get the RSS feed that is specific to a series go to the Podcast -> Settings -> Feed Details area in your WP admin dashboard and click on the Series you want to work with.  Then click the "View Feed" link below to open that Series RSS Feed in a new tab in your browser.

(note: opening an RSS feed in Safari will usually give you a prompt about an RSS reader not being installed...if you want to view your feed it's easier to do so in either Chrome or Firefox).

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