Submitting your podcast to Apple Podcast

To submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts (or any other podcast service) you need to first get your podcast feed URL. 

If you're managing your podcast directly from your Castos dashboard you'll find your RSS feed in the Podcast Settings -> Distribution area:

If you're using our WordPress integration via Seriously Simple Podcasting his is available from the Podcast -> Settings -> Feed Details page.

Once you have this URL you can submit it to any podcasting service that you like. To do this for Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), simply go to their submission page and log in using your Apple ID.  If you don't have an Apple ID already they're free to create and you can do so here.

Once you're logged in click on the + icon on the Top Right of the screen and paste in the Podcast Feed URL you just copied from your WordPress site.

Click Validate to ensure that there aren't any errors with Apple Podcasts reading your feed, and then click Submit.  Once your feed has been successfully submitted you will receive 2 emails from Apple.

  • The first email is to confirm that your show has been successfully submitted.  This will occur almost instantly after you submit your show.
  • The second email will come about a business day later when your show is approved.  In this second email will be the unique link to your podcast in Apple Podcasts.

Copy that Apple Podcasts URL and come back into your Seriously Simple Podcasting dashboard if you're using WordPress, or directly into your Castos dashboard if you're managing your podcast there, and in the Settings -> Feed Details area and enter it as your iTunes URL.  This will create the "Subscribe" link below the podcast player on your site.

Now anytime you submit a new podcast episode Apple Podcasts will read your podcast feed and update your podcast's entry in their directory with the latest episode details.

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