Podcast RSS feed contents

Your podcast RSS feed contains all the necessary data that is sent through to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and any other podcasting services that you choose to use. This is all handled for you by Seriously Simple Podcasting and all the content for your feed is generated by your podcast settings and your episode data. 

If you would like to know more about where all the info in your feed comes from, however, then here is a rundown of each of the fields in the feed and where the content for each one comes from.

There are two levels to your feed – the channel level, and the item level:

The channel level of your feed is where all of the general data about your podcast is supplied – such as title, description, copyright, language, and a number of other things. The content in your channel tags is (for the most part) dictated entirely by you and can be edited on the Podcast > Settings > Feed Details page in your WordPress dashboard. 

Here is a comprehensive list of all the channel tags included in your podcast feed:

  • Show Name
  • Show Subtitle
  • Host Name
  • Host email address
  • Show Description
  • Cover Image (must be between 1400x1400 to 3000x3000px and SQUARE)
  • iTunes categories - can have up to 3 unique categories
  • Copyright
  • Explicit rating
  • Language

The item level of your feed is where all of your episode information is supplied. There will be a separate item group for each episode and the data contained in each will mostly come from your episode content and the fields where you added the additional info about your episodes. 

Each item group will contain the following fields:

  • Episode Title
  • Publish Date
  • Description
  • iTunes Summary
  • Media file enclosure
  • Duration
  • File Size
  • Explicit Rating
  • Featured Image (if applicable)

Your RSS feed is the place that directories like iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play look for information about your show as a whole (that Channel information we talked about) and about each episode, with the Item information. Ensuring that information here is up to date and correct will let these podcasting directories know about any changes that you have made with respect to meta information about your show as a whole, and about each episode.  

Each time you publish a new episode your RSS feed will be updated with that new episode information, and it will be passed directly to any podcasting directory that you've submitted your podcast RSS feed to.  

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