ss_player Shortcode

Starting with v1.19.6 of the plugin we give the option to embed either the compact player or the new HTML5 player inside any podcast post with the shortcode [ss_player]

The [ss_player] shortcode will embed just the media player inside a post with a valid media file in the Podcast Episode Details box (found just below the main post content text area) and will pull the media file URL from the audio_file post meta.  

The [ss_player] shorcode will supercede the original player location, if selected in the Podcast -> Settings -> General area of your wp-admin dashboard, so you won't have the default player location showing up as well as the shortcode location within a post.

Currently there aren't any parameters that go along with the shortcode and it JUST embeds the player, not the episode meta or subscribe links that are optionally found below the default player locations.  

Hope you enjoy this addition to the plugin, and if you need anything else with this just let us know.

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