Building Automations To Manage Your Private Subscribers

Castos' Automations engine allows you to set up dynamic rules to automate the addition (and removal) of Private Subscribers from any private podcast you have on Castos. 

This is a two-step process.  First, connect Castos with one of the other 3rd party tools we directly integrate with.  As of today that is ConvertKit (but we're already working on integrating with tools like Teachable and Podia). Second step is to build Automation rules. 

Creating an Automation Rule

Once you have connected Castos to another tool you're already using to manage communications with your audience (like ConvertKit), it's time to set up "If this, then that" type of rules.  Castos has built in a Zapier-like rules engine right in your dashboard.

Head on over to the Automations area, and select "Add Automation"


Choose the integration you want to trigger this Automation rule, and the details of what actions to look for.  For our ConvertKit integration this could include: <<<all the options for the convertkit integration here>>


If it's an event that has some additional options to it, like Tag Applied, you can select that tag from the dropdown list below.


Then on the right side of the screen, select what you would like Castos to do in turn when this Triggering event happens.  This is usually either Add To Private Podcast or Remove From Private Podcast.


Once the Automation rule has been created, you can Activate that rule in the main Automations list area.


Want to see a playback history of what events have transpired for each Automation? Click the three dots to the right of the rule, and choose "History" to see a log of all events that have happened due to that particular Automation rule.


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