Submit your podcast to Spotify

Castos has a direct API integration to publish your podcast to Spotify. If you do not already have a Spotify Podcasters account, you can connect your Castos hosted podcast. To get started, you can submit your podcast directly to Spotify from your Castos dashboard by navigating to the Integrations menu item under My Account.

To submit your show to Spotify simply click the gray button to the right of each show listed, and your podcast will be sent directly to the service.

It takes a few minutes for Spotify to read all of your podcast's information, but you can come back to the Spotify Integrations page to check on the progress of your submission and once complete you will see your podcast's link in the Spotify directory.

If you are using WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage your podcast contents and feed then we will need to perform a one-time sync of that feed information to Castos before you can submit your show to Spotify.  

<<Please note that you will need the latest version of the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin (version 1.19.12 installed on your WordPress site to complete this sync>>

Click here to read the description of how to sync your podcast contents from your WordPress site to Castos before you can submit your show to Spotify.

With the Feed Sync complete you can now navigate to the Integrations page and select Spotify to view the podcasts you can submit directly to Spotify.

If you're not using Seriously Simple Podcasting and WordPress to manage your podcast content you can skip all of the Feed Sync part above and just skip to the Integrations page and submit your show directly.

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