Creating Multiple Podcasts from a Single Castos Account

Within a single Castos account you can have multiple podcasts, all with their own analytics and RSS feeds. This allows you to create a network of podcasts quickly and easily.

To get started go to the Podcast tab in the Navigation Menu.

To add a new Podcast

1.) To create a new Podcast, Under Actions on the right of the screen, click the 'Add Podcast' button.

2.) Under Feed Details, fill in the settings for Podcast Details, Website and Distribution.

  • Feed Details: Add your podcast Title, Description, Cover Image, iTunes Categories.
  • Website: Select the slug, or podcast name, that will be used for the Castos podcast webpage
  • Distribution: Under 'Subscribe Link' add the URLs of your podcast. For more details see 

3.) When complete click 'Save'.

PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to change your podcast slug (podcast name) that is used on your Castos Podcast Page and RSS feed URL.

To distribute your new Podcast

1.) Under Podcast Settings > Distribution copy your podcast URL.

2.) Submit your URL to distribution channels like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Spotify, Stitcher and others. You can submit to any service that accepts RSS feeds.

3.) If you would like, you can submit to Spotify or Amazon Music by clicking on the links under the distribution tab.

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