Creating multiple podcasts from a single Castos account

Within a single Castos account you can have multiple different podcasts, all with their own analytics, and RSS feeds.

If you're using the Castos dashboard alone (and not our Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin integration) to create a new Podcast simply navigate to the Podcast menu item in the top of your browser window, and select the Add Podcast button.

This will take you to an area where you'll fill in information about the meta details of your show (Title, Description, Cover Image, iTunes Categories, etc.).  Once you've done that you will be able to publish your first podcast episode from within that Podcast. 

If you're using Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage your podcast contents and RSS feeds then adding a second podcast would be just a matter of creating a new Series in your wp-admin dashboard and then filling in the corresponding podcast Feed Details for that new show.  

In SSP each Series acts like it's own individual show, complete with its own RSS feed and archive page.

Note: The only thing that would be the same across all of your Podcasts in a single Castos account is the Slug that you chose when you signed up.  This is unchangeable really from our end (it can be done but is quite an involved process for you because it affects all of your media file URLs). So your new show would live at as well as your existing show, and all of the media file URLs would have the same format to them.  

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