Creating Video Episodes

You can host video episodes as well as audio with your Castos account. 

With our Video Podcasting plan, you can upload either audio or video files for your podcast episodes.

The .mp4 and .mov file types are the most popular types of video files for podcasting.

Follow these steps to create a video podcast episode in your Castos dashboard:

  1. Select your podcast series by clicking the Podcast menu item in the top navigation area of your Castos Dashboard then choosing the Podcast that you would like to add the new episode to.
  2. Click the "Add New Episode" link in the top right area of that page.

  3. Enter episode details.
  4. Select Upload a Media file.
  5. Browse and select the video file for posting.

A single podcast episode can only have one media file associated with it. For video podcasts this would be your video file.

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