Moving Your Castos Podcast to Your WordPress Site

Have a WordPress website?

Podcasts that were once managed in Castos can be managed directly from your WordPress website. 

With our Seriously Simple Podcasting (SSP) plugin you can publish episodes in WordPress while Castos continues to serve as your podcast host by storing your media files. You can find the SSP plugin in the WordPress plugin repository

Moving your podcast from Castos to WordPress is similar to importing your feed from an external RSS feed. After this step is complete you can begin publishing directly in WordPress. 

Note: If you are working with several podcasts you will want to learn how Managing Multiple Podcasts works in WordPress. If you have several podcasts in Castos you will need to set those up in WordPress and repeat this process for each individual podcast.

Update Podcast Settings in Castos

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click the account name

2. Select My Account from the menu > Podcast Settings

3. Select I'm using WordPress for my podcast website

4. Click Update Podcast Info:


Now that you’ll be managing your podcast in WordPress you’ll notice the option to add new episodes no longer appears in your Castos dashboard. This is because all episodes and updates to your podcast will now be made in WordPress and will sync with your Castos web application.

Set up Seriously Simple Podcasting in WordPress

1. Install the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin on your WordPress site

2. Go to Podcast > Settings > General and select options for adding your episodes and podcast player to your site.

Not sure? How to set up your podcast in WordPress

3. Click the Feed Details tab and enter information about your podcast in each field.

Want to save time? Copy and paste the Feed Details from your Castos dashboard 

4. Click the Hosting tab and paste the Castos API Key from Castos (My Account > Podcast Settings) 

5. Click Validate Credentials

6. Once the API Key has been validated, click Save Settings

Import your podcast from Castos to WordPress

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click Settings to open the Podcast Setting page

2. Click the Distribution tab

3. Copy the RSS feed URL:


4. In your WordPress Admin dashboard go to Podcast > Settings > Import and add your Castos RSS feed URL to the RSS feed field and select the Series name if you've created a Series for the show:


5. Click Begin Import Now 

Redirect your Castos RSS feed 

1. In your WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Podcast > Settings > Publishing

2. Copy your podcast’s RSS feed, either the main Seriously Simple Podcasting feed or the Series RSS feed if you're publishing to a series:


3. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click Settings to open the Podcast Settings page

4. Click Feed Details

5. Click Advanced Options > Paste the RSS feed URL generated by WordPress:


7. Click Save Podcast Details

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