Turbocharging your feed to maximize available episodes

If you're using things like full episode transcription, or just want to display a large number of episodes then you might run into an issue with your feed being too large to be read by Apple Podcasts and other podcasting directories.  

In this case, we've created a way to Turbocharge your feed by removing some of the unnecessary fields for older episodes. This way you can include all of the content you want in your episode posts and Seriously Simple Podcasting will trim it down to the essentials for podcasting apps and directories.  

Getting Started

From your WordPress dashboard navigate to the Podcast -> Settings -> Feed Details area, and scroll down about 2/3 of the way.  You'll see the "Turbocharge podcast feed" field.  

Check that box to enable the feature, then click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Doing this will do 3 things to your feed contents:

  • All of the content will be available for the most recent 10 episodes
  • For episodes older than the most recent 10, Seriously Simple Podcasting will remove two fields that are not essential in the RSS feed:
    • <itunes:summary> - this is a summary of the post content and is identical to the <description> field in your feed already
    • <content:encoded> - this is the full contents of the post
  • The remaining <description> field will remain intact but will be limited to 4000 characters, only for episodes older than the most recent 10 episodes.

Enabling the Turbocharge feature in your feed WILL NOT affect the validity or compatibility of your feed in directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. and is perfectly safe to enable, especially in situations where you have very long post contents or if you want to include a very large number (100+) episodes in your feed.

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