Adding a media file prefix for Podtrac, Chartable, and other tracking services

You can use 3rd party analytics or dynamic ad insertion technology alongside from either Seriously Simple Podcasting or from your Castos dashboard. 

Services like Podtrac and Chartable provide independent analytics services, and are sometimes required by advertisers as a uniform platform through which sponsors can level the download numbers of the shows they support.

Here is how to enable Podtrac and Chartable support for your podcast:


  • Sign up for a Podtrac account
  • Add your show's RSS feed
  • Add the media file prefix to your Feed Details area

For Podtrac specifically, this prefix is:

You MUST include the trailing slash (the " / " at the end of the prefix.  Without this the redirection will not work.

Enter this link value into the "Media File Prefix" area of your feed settings, and then Save those settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Making this change will affect your RSS feed directly, so please test your podcast out directly in your feed and through podcasting directories/apps like Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to your podcast to ensure that the redirection works as expected.


The process for integrating Chartable to your podcast is similar to Podtrac.  Here are the steps to take to start tracking your podcast performance in Chartable:

  • Sign up for a free Chartable account
  • Add your podcast to your Chartable account 
  • Enter your unique Chartable media file prefix to the Feed Details area's "Media File Prefix" field
  • Note: the media file prefix for Chartable will be different for every show, so refer to your Chartable dashboard to get that info

Where to place the Media File Prefix

If you're using WordPress and the Seriously Simple Podcasting generated feed to manage your show then enter the Media File Prefix there in the Podcast -> Settings -> Feed Details area of your wp-admin dashboard.

If you're using your Castos generated feed then enter the Media File Prefix directly in your Castos dashboard in the Podcast -> Edit Podcast area of your Castos dashboard.

You should NOT enter the media file prefix in both places, only the primary source of your feed.

Note: If you previously had the Podtrac for Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin installed you can deactivate/delete that add-on module plugin once you've configured the media file prefix within Seriously Simple Podcasting.

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