Managing multiple podcasts on separate WordPress sites

Castos fully supports multiple podcasts from within a single WordPress site. This is our Series functionality in WordPress where you can create as many individual Series as you'd like and they will each have their own RSS feed in WordPress via Seriously Simple Podcasting.

And from a Castos perspective multiple shows are fully supported for SSP users. Your multiple Series are all ported over to Castos and will appear as separate Podcasts there. This breaks out your shows in terms of Analytics, and integrations with things like Spotify.

However, syncing multiple sites up to a single Castos account is not permitted.  There should be a 1:1 relationship between Castos accounts and WordPress sites.  

So if you have multiple websites that you want to run podcasts on your best course of action is to create separate Castos accounts, one for each WordPress site you'll be running.  

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