Working With Transcriptions

Once the transcription feature is turned on for your account, all episodes in each podcast will automatically be transcribed. Generally, it takes between 5 and 10minutes to see the transcription text appear in the Episode details area.

Transcription text is not editable within the Castos platform. You can copy the text from the Episode Edit Window of your Castos account or download a PDF file to place on your self-hosted site. The copied or downloaded text is editable in any word processing software. Once downloaded the PDF can be added to the media library of your site, and you can place a text link to make the file available to listeners. If you are using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin transcription addon with the HTML 5 player, you will see the download text appear under the player.

Transcriptions are currently only available in English but additional languages will be added to the feature in upcoming releases.

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