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Getting Started

Quickstart guide, RSS feeds, and audio encoding

4 articles

Using Seriously Simple Podcasting

Plugin settings, syncing with Castos, and FAQ

24 articles

Import A Podcast

Migrate an existing podcast to Castos

6 articles

Account Setup

Publish settings, passwords, upgrades, and billing

7 articles

Manage Your Podcast

Remove a podcast, Podcasting 2.0, subscribe links, and redirects

15 articles

Manage Episodes

Schedule, publish, delete, or draft a podcast episode

9 articles

Distribute Your Podcast

Submit a podcast to directories, use a media tracking prefix, and video podcasts

22 articles


Make money through ads and/or donations

10 articles


Understand your audience and learn how Castos Analytics work

7 articles

Castos Podcast Website

Add a domain, theme, and subscribe links to your Castos-generated podcast website

5 articles

Private Podcasting

Publish exclusive content and add private subscribers

12 articles

Integrations & Automations

Enhancing and integrate various features and tools within Castos

13 articles


Change, cancel, and reactivate your Castos hosting account

4 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

Account, RSS feeds, file types, and Castos features

14 articles

Advanced Plugin Settings & Features

Podcasting 2.0, Elementor widgets, and API

22 articles


WordPress, distribution, cover art, YouTube, RSS feeds

16 articles