podcast_episode Shortcode

Use the [podcast_episode] shortcode to display a single podcast episode anywhere on your site. The shortcode uses 2 required attributes: episode and content, along with 1 optional attribute: style. 

episode Attribute

The post ID of the episode that you would like to display. You can find the post ID in the URL of the episode from the post edit screen.


style Attribute

By default, the shortcode uses the player style selected in Podcast > Settings > Player. However, if you have HTML5 player selected for this setting and you want to use the compact player on certain pages/posts in lieu of the HTML5 player, you can do so by setting this attribute to standard [style="standard”]


content Attribute

A comma-separated list of the episode data you would like to display. The available options are title, player, excerpt, content, details (download link, file size, duration, and date recorded).
The order that you list them will be the order in which they are displayed.



[podcast_episode episode="1199" content="title, excerpt, player"]
[podcast_episode episode="1199" style="standard" content="title, excerpt, player"]


In your WordPress Editor, place the shortcode in the Shortcode Gutenberg Block


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