Adding Individual Private Subscribers to a Private Podcast

Castos offers two ways to provide private podcasts to your listeners.

The first is by having a single, global private feed that all of your subscribers can use to subscribe to your show. 

The benefit of this is that it's easy to set up and doesn't take any management along the way. But the downside is that if you have a scenario where you want to discontinue someone's access to that private podcast you would need to change the entire private feed URL so they no longer get your private content.  This is where we introduce the concept of Private Subscribers.

Adding Individual Private Subscribers to a Private Podcast

Adding individual Private Subscribers to your podcast is a great way to have a finer grained approach to who has access to your private podcast content.

Castos allows you to invite individuals by email within the Settings -> Distribution area of your Castos dashboard:

Once you add a Private Subscriber in this manner they will receive an email from Castos inviting them to the subscribe via a unique RSS feed just for them, and just for your show.

Your new subscriber need only copy the private feed link from that email and click the "Listen Now" button to open a page where they can select which mobile app they want to subscribe to the podcast through:

Once they are subscribed to a private podcast via their individual, private feed URL they will automatically receive any new episodes you publish to that private podcast in Castos. 

Learn more about subscribing to a podcast by feed URL

Revoking Private Subscribers

If you ever want to remove a private subscriber from your private podcast simply click the trash can icon to the right of their name/email in your Distribution pane and their private feed link will be invalidated.

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