Activating the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin causes my site to break

Although very uncommon, when you do run into issues with Seriously Simple Podcasting causing trouble with your site, it is most often caused by a theme or other plugin conflict.

Note: We strongly recommend running these tests on a staging, local, or development version of your website. We are not responsible for problems that may arise from running theme and conflict tests in a live environment.

  1. If this does happen to you, the best first course of action is to run a Theme Conflict Test to ensure that the theme isn’t the source of a problem with running Seriously Simple Podcasting. After ruling out a theme conflict, follow the steps below to perform a Plugin Conflict Test.
  2. If the issue you're experiencing happened just after a plugin update from a previous version you can use the Rollback plugin on your WordPress dashboard to roll back Seriously Simple Podcasting to a previously known state. This is usually the latest major version.  

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