Run a Plugin Conflict Test in WordPress

Errors in WordPress are often caused by plugins conflicting with each other, your theme, or WordPress core. If you are having an issue on your site, deactivating all WordPress plugins except SSP can help us determine if the issue is caused by a plugin interfering or if there is an issue with your website hosting.

<span><strong>WARNING:</strong></span> We strongly recommend running these tests on a staging, local, <br>or development version of your website. We are not responsible for problems <br>that may arise from running theme and conflict tests in a live environment.

To get started, first make a backup copy of your site and if you are able, move the site into a staging or local development environment. Then walk through these steps:

  1. Turn on a default WordPress theme like 2022
  2. Visit the plugins page and select all the available plugins except SSP, then select ‘Deactivate’ from the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down menu.
  3. Click on the 'Apply' button to deactivate all selected plugins.
  4. When everything is off visit the area of your site where you are experiencing the issue with SSP and verify if the issue is resolved.
  5. Reactivate each plugin one by one until you are able to identify the plugin that is causing the issue. 

We notice that most issues are caused by security plugins and/or caching plugins. You may have functionality like this also installed in your theme or in the WordPress Must Use Plugins folder (MU Plugins.) Be sure to check these areas as part of your test.

When you identify which plugin/s are causing the issue, you may want to consider uninstalling those in favor of another option or reaching out to that plugin developer to let them know you found a conflict.

If this does not solve your issue reach out to us in Castos support with the details of your test so we can provide additional guidance.

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