Error when uploading an episode file in WordPress

When uploading an episode file you might see a progress bar time out followed by an HTTP 200 error. 

 We typically see this for one of the following reasons:

  1. The file size is larger than 200MB
  2. A duplicated post. This can happen if using a plugin. The episode will have the podmotor_episode_id which doesn't match the one in your Castos account when you add new audio to it.
  3. The episode was created then deleted. Then restored the post and uploaded the file essentially creating the same environment as the above where the podmotor_episode_id doesn't match what is already in your account.

To fix this issue we recommend creating a new episode from scratch. Go to Podcast > Add New and upload the file in that post. You should see the blue bar and then the episode will be assigned the episode ID. Once you click Publish on the WordPress site the episode will sync with Castos and is added to your Castos dashboard.

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