Adding Video to Your Podcast

Castos Pro Plan users have the ability to publish video podcasts. At the present time, there is a  250mb upload limit to your Castos account when creating new episodes in the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. You can add the larger video directly to your Castos account by changing the Podcast Management setting in your Castos dashboard.

Video in your RSS feed will only be available in your Apple Podcast stream. Video podcasting in Spotify is currently restricted to only a few hand-picked users of that platform. Apple accepts MOV, MP4, M4V file formats.

Please Note: When adding video to your Castos account in this way, remember the sync between WordPress and Castos only works from your site to your Castos dashboard, so any content created this way directly in Castos will need to be added manually to your WordPress site. If you are also publishing audio content on your WordPress site, you will need to change these settings when you need to publish to WordPress.

To Add Castos Hosted Video Episodes to Your WordPress site

  1. Go to Podcast > View Episodes. Click on the Link icon to the right of any episode.

  2. Click the icon and you will see the Episode Links modal.

  3. Copy the file URL from the modal.
  4. Create a new Podcast Episode by going to New > Podcast.
  5. In the Block Editor, add the episode file URL to the Podcast Episode post content window using the WordPress default video block by clicking on Blocks > Video to add to video player block to the editor window then add the video URL to that block.

  6. Or, if you are using the Classic editor, you will need to install a third-party plugin that allows you to add video URLs via a shortcode in the WordPress editor.

Please Note: At this time the iframe embed code from your Castos account does not support video.

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