Schedule episodes ahead of time

Add an episode and set a Publish date and time in the future or update the date and time of an episode you've already published. 

New episode

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click + Add Episode

2. Enter episode details and upload the media file

3. Open the calendar to select the date you’d like to publish your episode:


4. Click Save Episode

The episode will be added to your Castos dashboard but will not yet be published to your RSS feed until the scheduled date and time.


Existing episode

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click View Episodes

2. Click the episode title to open the Episode Details page

3. Open the calendar to select the date > Set the time you’d like the episode to be published:


4. Click Save Episode


TIP: Need to remove an episode but don't want to delete it? You can remove an episode from your podcast's RSS feed by changing the Publish Date to a date in the future. 

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