Turbocharge your feed to maximize available episodes

Adding full episode transcriptions or just want to display a large number of episodes?

Your podcast’s RSS feed might be too large to be read by Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms. If so, you can "turbocharge" the RSS feed by removing unnecessary information from older episodes.

Seriously Simple Podcasting will remove the following non-essential details from episodes published prior to the 10 most recent:

  • <itunes:summary>: A summary of the post content and is identical to the <description> field in your feed
  • <content:encoded>: the full content of the post
  • Episode descriptions reduced to a maximum of 4000 characters

Turbocharge your podcast’s RSS feed

1. Sign in to your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Podcasting > Settings > Feed Details

2. Check the box for Turbocharge podcast feed:


3. Click Save 

Activating Turbocharge will not impact the accuracy or compatibility of your RSS feed on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It is completely safe to enable, particularly in scenarios involving extensive post contents or when you wish to include a large number (100+) of episodes in your feed.

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