Add Video Episodes to Your Podcast in WordPress

Subscription Requirement: Castos Pro plan

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Update podcast settings in Castos

Add a new video episode

Add Castos Hosted Video Episodes to Your WordPress site

Distribution Note: Video episodes will only be available on Apple Podcasts. Other directories do not support video. Spotify does not support video episodes hosted anywhere except Spotify. If your show contains only video episodes, directories besides Apple Podcasts may reject the RSS Feed. If your show contains a mix of audio and video, only audio episodes will be available. 

Before starting

  • Video files must be uploaded as an MP4 file.
  • The API allows a maximum file size of 200 MB when uploading episodes in WordPress using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

If the file exceeds 200 MB, you have the option to incorporate the episode directly into your Castos dashboard by modifying your Podcast Settings. It's crucial to note that the API facilitates the synchronization of new content from your WordPress website to your Castos hosting account. However, content added in Castos will not automatically sync back to WordPress.

To manually include a video episode on your WordPress site after uploading it in Castos, follow the steps outlined below. To resume publishing audio episodes on WordPress, remember to revert the setting in the Podcast Settings.

Update podcast settings in Castos

  1. Click your account avatar → Account Settings
  2. Click Publish Settings
  3. Select I'll publish my content right here from my Castos dashboard
  4. Click Save

Add a new video episode

  1. In your Castos dashboard, locate the podcast and click + Add Episode:
  2. Enter the episode details and upload the media file
  3. Click Publish Episode

Add Castos Hosted Video Episodes to Your WordPress site

  1. From Podcast → View Episodes
  2. Click on the episode link icon:

  1. Copy the Episode file URL

  1. Back on WordPress, create a new episode by clicking Add New
  2. From the Block Editor, add a video block and insert the episode file URL into the Podcast Episode post content window:
  3. Press Publish

iFrames: Video episodes are not supported by iframe embed codes at this time.

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