Add Video Episodes to Your Podcast in WordPress

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Castos customers can publish both audio and video podcast episodes.

NOTE: At this time Apple Podcasts is the only platform that supports podcast RSS feeds that include video-based episodes. Video podcasting on Spotify is currently restricted to only a few hand-picked users of that platform. 

Before you get started

  • Video files must be uploaded as an MP4 file.
  • The API allows a maximum file size of 200 MB when uploading episodes in WordPress using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

If the file exceeds 200 MB, you can add the episode directly to your Castos dashboard by updating your Podcast Settings. It's important to remember the API allows new content to sync FROM your WordPress website TO your Castos hosting account – but content added in Castos will not automatically sync with WordPress.

The following steps outline how to manually add a video episode to your WordPress site after it's been uploaded in Castos. To continue publishing audio episodes in WordPress, you'll need to change the setting back on the Podcast Settings settings. 


Update Podcast Settings in Castos

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard

2. Click the account name and select My Account from the menu

3. Click Podcast Settings

4. Select I’ll publish my content from my Castos dashboard:


5. Click Update Podcast Info

Add a new video episode

1. In your Castos dashboard, locate the podcast and click + Add Episode:


2. Enter the episode details and upload the media file

3. Click Publish Episode

Add Castos Hosted Video Episodes to Your WordPress site

  1. In your Castos dashboard, go to Podcast > View Episodes
  2. Click on the episode link icon:

  3. Copy the Episode file URL:

  4. In your WordPress Admin dashboard, create a new podcast episode by clicking Add New 
  5. In the Block Editor, add the episode file URL to the Podcast Episode post content window using the WordPress default video block by clicking on Blocks Video to add to video player block to the editor window then add the video URL to that block.

Or, if you are using the Classic editor, you will need to install a third-party plugin that allows you to add video URLs via a shortcode in the WordPress editor.

Please Note: At this time the iframe embed code from your Castos account does not support video.

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