Using the Castos Player Block

Displaying a podcast player on your site can be done in a few ways through Seriously Simple Podcasting. 

  • On a podcast episode post (whether that's the default Podcast post type, regular Blog posts, or any other Custom Post Type) you can use the default Above Content or Below Content positioning.  With this setting enabled Seriously Simple Podcasting will display the player directly above the main post contents on your site. 
  • Alternatively, if you want to display the player in the middle of an episode post you can use the [ss_player] shortcode. This will insert the player into wherever the shortcode appears, and will NOT show the player Above or Below the post content. 

However, if you'd like to display a player on a Page or other non-episode post you can use the Castos Player block for the Gutenberg editor.

The Castos Player block allows you to display a podcast episode somewhere else on your site (aside from the already existing podcast episode posts) such as your homepage, an About Me page, etc.

To do this, add a new block and search for Castos Player Block:

and select the title of the episode you want to display:

Then click "Go" to display the player within the block editor:

Update the post or page you're adding the block to and you'll see the player display at that location within the page or post.

Note, if you want to place a player within a post that already has an existing player you'll want to use the [ss_player] shortcode still. 

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