Creating Audiograms with Headliner

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Access to the industry-leading audiogram tool, Headliner, directly through your Castos dashboard. 

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard and click View Episodes:


2. Click the episode's link icon:



3. Click Create video using Headliner:



NOTE: When launching Headliner for the first time, you might be prompted to allow popups for 


4. In Headliner, choose the shape of video you'd like to create and click Next. 

The shape depends on where you want to post it. The most common is square.

5. Keep the default image or upload a different image for this episode:


6. Customize how the waveform will be appear on your video. This includes the color of the waveform, it's shape, and location:


As a reminder, Audiograms are typically meant to be used as a teaser for the rest of your podcast, so their duration should be a few seconds to a few minutes in length.

7. Select the portion of the episode you'd like to create the audiogram from by moving the bar horizontally along the timeline of your episode. You can extend or shorten the duration of this window by clicking and dragging the left or right borders.

8. Turn the Audio Transcription tool ON to add audio transcription to the audiogram

Headliner is now uploading your audio file so you can do any last minute adjustments to the audiogram before it is finalized and exported to be published.

Headliner will take a few minutes to process and publish the your audiogram video. A link to the video will be available in that same window in your Castos dashboard.

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