Redirect Spotify to my podcast on WordPress

Migrating a podcast that’s currently available on Spotify? 

Spotify’s approach to playing podcast episodes is unique compared to other podcast listening platforms. To make sure your Spotify subscribers can still find your podcast, we recommend taking a moment to update the RSS feed in your Spotify for Podcasters dashboard in addition to redirecting the RSS feed of your podcast’s previous host.

Redirect your Spotify listeners from a previous podcast host to Castos by updating the RSS feed link in your Spotify for Podcasters Account.

  1.     Sign in to your Spotify for Podcasters account and click the podcast title
  2.     Select Details (here you should see your podcast's current RSS feed link)
  3.     Click Update
  4.     Enter your Castos RSS feed URL link and click Next
  5.     Select Castos from the hosting provider menu
  6.     Confirm your RSS Feed and your hosting provider are correct
  7.     Click Submit

Don’t have access to Spotify for Podcasters? Contact the Spotify Support team for help.

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