Add a media file prefix for Podtrac, Chartable, and other analytics or tracking services

Add the media file prefix of 3rd-party analytics and tracking services to your files in WordPress using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

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Add a tracking prefix in Castos

Add a tracking prefix on your WordPress webpage with Seriously Simple Podcasting

While Castos Analytics are in line with IAB standards and other podcast hosts, we understand you might want to use a third-party analytics tracking service service as well.

If podcast directories have your Seriously Simple Podcasting-generated RSS feed, jump ahead to the third section.

Services like Podtrac and Chartable provide an independent analytics service, which is sometimes required by advertisers as a uniform platform through which sponsors can analytics of the shows they support.

Sign up for a third-party analytics tracking service

While there are others, we recommend creating an account using Podtrac or Chartable. These are both free.

Add a tracking prefix in Castos

  1. In your Castos dashboard, click Settings for the podcast you would like to update.
  2. Click Distribution → Advanced.
  3. Enter the tracking prefix and click Save.

Add a tracking prefix on your WordPress Webpage with Seriously Simple Podcasting

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Podcasting → Settings → Feed Details.
  2. Enter the tracking prefix in Media File Prefix and click Save Settings.

Note: Adding the media file prefix will modify your RSS feed directly. Make sure to enter tracking prefixes correctly. We strongly recommend testing your episodes on podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher to make sure everything works as expected. RSS updates can take several hours depending on the directory, so wait a couple of hours before testing.

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