Advanced Analytics Data Points

Subscribers to the Castos Pro plan have access to two additional data points that give unique insights into the actual number of listeners to your podcast: 

  • Unique Listeners per Episode
  • Subscribers

Below we will describe what each of these data points means in detail as well as how you can access them within your analytics dashboard.


The thing that many of us are aiming for when it comes to our podcast is to have our listeners Subscribe to our show so they automatically get new episodes as soon as they're released. This Subscriber count is one of the few data points that traditional analytics doesn't provide because it's not something that is easily determined from the data that we as hosting providers gather.

However, Castos has created a proprietary algorithm that calculates the number of Subscribers to your podcast based on listening patterns across all platforms (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and 3rd party mobile apps) for your shows.

This "Subscriber" data will give you unique insights into that core tribe of loyal listeners to your show who you know will get every piece of content you put out. 

Unique Listeners

To differentiate between the total listens in a given episode and the actual number of unique people listening to your show we have created a separate data set that is the unique listener to each episode you publish. 

These Unique Listeners are differentiated to overall listens by filtering our repeat listens from the same IP address. An IP address is the location of a listener's connecting to our servers on the internet. Using an anonymized IP address, to retain listener privacy, we aggregate all listens for a given episode by IP address and report only those unique listeners in this new data point.

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