Quickstart guide: Set up your podcast in Castos and add your first episode

Ready to create your podcast? Our video and step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating your podcast, adding an episode, and understanding your podcast's RSS feed.

Set up your Castos account

Where would you like to manage your podcast?

The first step after signing up for a new Castos account is to select where you’ll be managing your podcast: 

  • Select Create a New Podcast to create a new podcast from scratch and manage your podcast directly from your Castos account.
  • Select Import Existing Podcast to import your existing podcast from another podcast hosting provider.
  • Select Connect to WordPress if you have a WordPress website and would like to manage your podcast there using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.
  • Select Exit to Dashboard if you would like to explore the Castos dashboard before setting up a new podcast.


Already have a podcast you’d like to import from another hosting provider? 

Select Import Existing Podcast.

Enter your podcast's current RSS feed URL and, once validated, click Import.

You're all set! We'll confirm via email when your podcast has been imported. 

Create A New Podcast


Enter your podcast information - this includes the podcast title and a brief description. This field is plain-text only.


Upload your Podcast cover art or use one of our pre-defined covers by moving forward without uploading artwork.

Claim your Castos podcast website URL

Castos creates a custom website for your podcast complete with its own URL. 

NOTE: After this step is complete the URL cannot be changed


Select a category for your podcast


Review your inputted information and update any extra podcast information such as whether the podcast is explicit or the podcast owner details.

If everything is correct, click Create My Podcast

Congratulations! You’ve created your podcast

Now you can choose to add your first episode or go directly to the Castos dashboard.

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