Working With Multiple Podcasts


Prior to Seriously Simple Podcasting version 2.14, additional podcasts were referred to as a Series. 

Seriously Simple Podcasting supports the ability to manage multiple podcasts (shows) directly from your WordPress dashboard. Each podcast will receive its own unique RSS feed which you can then distribute to the various podcast directories, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

Upon activation of Seriously Simple Podcasting, a default (primary) podcast will be created. This podcast will have your default RSS feed of You will manage the RSS feed for this podcast at Podcasting > Settings > Feed Details > Default Feed. To view the RSS feed, click View Feed.

Any additional podcasts you create will use the RSS feed format of To manage your additional podcast's RSS feed, you will go to Podcasting > Settings > Feed Details > Click the podcast title.

Each time you create an additional podcast, you will need to come over to the Feed Details page. By default, we autofill information from the default podcast but you may want to update some of it (such as categories) for your newly added podcast.  


Browser support for viewing RSS feeds varies, but Google Chrome and Firefox are two that natively support this without any additional add-ons.

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