Enable Episode Transcriptions

Let Castos transcribe your podcast episodes to text for improved accessibility and discoverability.

Whether you're aiming to reach a wider audience, enhance your SEO efforts, or simply provide a written version of your audio, our transcription feature has got you covered.

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More Options: Custom Vocabulary and Filler Words

Enable Transcripts on a Podcast

Transcriptions at Castos can be enabled on a per-podcast basis. To enable transcripts for your podcast, follow the instructions outlined here.

  1. Click on the podcast title you wish to enable transcriptions for.
  2. Click AI Assistant
  3. For Transcripts, Select Yes for Generate Transcripts.

More Options: Custom Vocabulary and Filler Words

Note: Custom Vocabulary and Filler Words are currently supported for English transcriptions only.

Once transcripts are enabled for a podcast, you will see two further options for generating great transcripts; using Custom Vocabulary and removing Filler Words.

  • Custom Vocabulary allows you to improve accuracy for frequently occurring words or phrases in your transcripts.
  • Filler Words: Filler words like "um", "uh", "hmm", "mhm" and "uh huh" are by default removed from English transcriptions. You can disable this to leave filler words in the transcription for more a natural-sounding text.
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