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Shortcodes are "WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort" and are always wrapped in two square brackets.

Adding shortcodes

There are two ways to add a shortcode to WordPress depending on what editor is active.

  • If you're using the block editor/Gutenberg, use the shortcode block by typing / in the main content body and a few letters of shortcode to find the shortcode block option.
  • If you're using the classic editor, enclose the shortcode, along any desired attributes, with brackets [...]

podcast_episode shortcode

Use the [podcast_episode] shortcode to display a single podcast episode anywhere on your site.

The shortcode uses 2 required attributes: episode and content, along with 1 optional attribute, style:

  • episode attribute: the post ID of the episode that you would like to display. You can find the post ID in the URL of the episode from the post edit screen:

  • content attribute: A comma-separated list of the episode data you would like to display. The available options are titleplayerexcerptcontent, details (download link, file size, duration, and date recorded). The order that you list them will be the order in which they are displayed.
  • style attribute: By default, the shortcode follows the player style chosen in Podcasting → Settings → Player. However, if you've selected the HTML5 player in these settings and want to use the compact player instead on specific pages or posts, add the attribute [style="standard"] .


[podcast_episode episode="1199" content="title, excerpt, player"]

[podcast_episode episode="1199" style="standard" content="title, excerpt, player"]

ss_player shortcode

Use the [ss_player] shortcode to insert either the compact or HTML5 player directly into your podcast posts.

The shortcode will use the media file URL from the audio_file post meta in the Podcast Details tab. When you add [ss_player] to a podcast post, it will override the default player location, as configured in Podcasting → Settings → General in your WordPress dashboard. This ensures that the default player won't show up alongside the shortcode within a post.

The [ss_player] shortcode doesn't need any additional parameters. It's designed solely to embed the player without including episode metadata or subscribe links found below the default player locations.

podcast_playlist shortcode

Use the [podcast_playlist] shortcode to display a playlist of your podcast episodes anywhere. Using the shortcode without any attributes will display all podcast episodes and use default settings for each attribute. Option attributes:

  • episode attribute: By default, all podcast episodes will be displayed. If you would like to only list specific episodes, you can do so with the episodes attribute by using a comma-separated list of post IDs. The post ID can be found within the URL of the episode from the editor screen (screenshot above).
  • exclude attribute: A comma-separated list of episode IDs that you do not want to be displayed in the playlist. This is useful if you have selected a series playlist to display, but would like to hide individual episodes from it.
  • series attribute: The slug of the series from which you would like to display episodes. You can choose to display one series or multiple series.
  • order attribute: The order in which the episodes should be listed,
    • ASC (default), or
    • DESC
  • orderby attribute: The criteria with which you would like to order the episodes – can be any of the orderby parameters allowed in the WP_Query class. Defaults to menu_order ID or the order in which you specify episode IDs.
  • style attribute: Accepted values are light (default) or dark – these are style options that WordPress’ built-in media player offers. Defaults to the settings from mode
  • player_style attribute: Accepts compact, which shows the compact player instead of the default one.
  • limit attribute: Maximum number of episodes in the list.


[podcast_playlist episodes="1199,1200"]

[podcast_playlist exclude="1199"]

[podcast_playlist series="my-first-series"]

[podcast_playlist series="my-first-series, my-second-series"]

[podcast_playlist series="my-first-series" order="DESC"]

[podcast_playlist style="dark" episodes="1199,1200,1201,1203"]

[podcast_playlist player_style="compact"]

[podcast_playlist limit="5"]

ss_podcast shortcode

Use the ss_podcast  shortcode to display a list of all your podcast episodes or a list of all your podcast series anywhere on your site. Use the following attributes to further customize the shortcode:

  • title attribute: The title that is displayed above the shortcode output. Optional
  • content attribute: Indicate whether to display a list of episodes or a list of series. Allowed values are episodes  or series  — defaults to series .
  • series attribute: Indicates which series to display episodes from if episodes was specified for the content argument — accepts series ID or series slug. Optional
  • link_title attribute: Indicates whether to link to the episode/series title to the episode/series page. Allowed values are true  or false  — defaults to false


[ss_podcast title="Podcast Episodes" content="episodes" series="my-first-series" link_title="true"]

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