Transfer ownership of your podcast to your Apple ID after podcast distribution assistance

Note: This guide is for Castos podcasters who used podcast distribution assistance from Castos to get their new podcasts submitted quickly. If you submitted your podcast to Apple Podcasts using your own Apple ID, this guide isn't necessary

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Update your RSS feed with a code that Apple provides

Submit a transfer of ownership request to Apple

As part of the Castos Distribution Assistance for new podcasters, your podcast was submitted to Apple Podcasts to a Castos-owned Apple ID.

You can submit a request to Apple to transfer the podcast to your own Apple ID.

  1. From a request form on Apple Podcasts for Creators, fill in the following information
    • Show Title: The name of your podcast
    • Apple Podcasts Show ID: Search for your podcast on Apple Podcasts or look for its subscribe URL on Distribution → Directories. The show ID is found at the end of the URL. Here's an example from our podcast Audience on Apple Podcasts:
    • Feed URL: Find your podcast's RSS feed on Distribution → Visibility
    • Recipient Account ID: The Apple ID you want to transfer your podcast to

  1. After filling out these fields, add a message to the Apple Podcasts for Creators team. You can use the following, along with any other details you'd like to share:

I am writing to request assistance with transferring ownership of a podcast from my podcast host Castos ( to my own Apple ID. The necessary details are provided above.

Update your RSS feed with a code that Apple provides

  1. Once Apple receives your request, they will ask you to "update some items within the podcast RSS feed," such as adding a number to the Copyright field in your feed details. You can do this from Settings → Advanced Feed:

Any issues with transferring ownership of your podcast to your own Apple ID? Let us know.

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