Set up YouTube Republishing in Castos

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Transform your audio podcast episodes to expand your podcast and reach new audiences with YouTube Republishing.

Verify your YouTube account

To publish videos 15 minutes or longer, YouTube requires that you first Verify your YouTube channel. This step-by-step guide from YouTube will help if you’re not sure:

Update your YouTube channel setting ( from 15 minutes to an amount of time that exceeds your longest podcast episode.  

Connect your YouTube channel

1. In your Castos dashboard, click the account name and select Integrations from the menu

2. Select YouTube Republishing 

3. Click Connect to be redirected to YouTube to complete the authorization process:


Upload a background image

  • Image requirements: 1280 x 720 pixels, file format JPG or PNG
  • Episodes republished on YouTube will have the same background image.

1. Click the account name in your Castos dashboard and select Integrations from the menu

2. Click YouTube Republishing 

3. Click Upload Image:


4. Upload the image and click Save

As new episodes are published, they're automatically converted into video format and republished on YouTube along with the episode description and background image. 

What about the episodes I've already published?

These episodes can be republished on YouTube by clicking the episode title > Republish


YouTube Republishing does not support multiple podcast series. If you publish multiple shows through Castos all episodes will be republished on your YouTube channel.

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