How can I validate my podcast RSS feed?

While Castos and the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin make every effort to ensure that your podcast feed is valid and acceptable to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other podcasting services, there’s always the chance that something can prevent things from working as expected. If you receive an error from iTunes saying that they cannot accept your feed, or they cannot read it for a supplied reason then the first step is to run your feed through a validator to check that it is formatted correctly.

If you are using Apple Podcasts, then Apple Podcast Connect (the Apple Podcast manager) will provide a validation service for you. Similarly, Google Play Podcasts will also handle the validation without you having to look elsewhere.

If you are not using either of those services, then the most reliable and up-to-date validator for podcast feeds are:

Both of these provide slightly different information, so it's best to use both of them if you think there might be an issue with your feed or before submitting to any distribution platform.

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