Use Zapier with your Private Podcast

Many of us are already using other 3rd party tools to manage some aspects of our brands and companies, and want to seamlessly integrate those into the workflow of inviting new Private Subscribers to our Private Podcasts.

And you can do this with no coding skills necessary via our Zapier integration

Here's a brief walkthrough video to show you how we're setting up a simple Google Sheet as the triggering event (or "Input") to invite new subscribers to our Private Podcast.

Once you've selected the Triggering event (A Google Sheet in our case, but yours could be a new email subscriber, a form submission, a new customer from Shopify, etc.) it's time to connect your Castos account to Zapier:

You'll then be prompted for your Castos API key

To get your Castos API key click the "Castos API Details page" link in that window, or log into your Castos account and select Integrations from the main dropdown menu.

On the Integrations page, choose "REST API", and copy your API Token.  Then head back to the Zapier window and paste in that API key.

Now your Castos account should be successfully connected to your Zapier account.

Then you'll want to choose the "Protected Podcast" from the list of podcasts in your account, and then match the fields with whatever the Triggering Service you selected originally was (in this example it is a Google sheet).  Match up the email address and the name field from your Triggering Service to the corresponding email address and name fields in your Zap.

Once you've selected the appropriate email address and name fields you can test your Zap to make sure that the data is being sent correctly.  With this you should see this "test" person being subscribed to your podcast as a Private Subscriber.

Now that you have Zapier powering your private podcast you have access to more than 2,000 tools and platforms online that you can use to invite new Private Subscribers to your private podcasts.

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