Working With Automatic Episode Transcriptions

Automatic transcripts work with video and audio episodes and, after being enabled, all episodes published going forward will be automatically transcribed.

Transcriptions will only process once per episode so if you replace your episode's podcast file at a later date, a new transcript will not be generated and no charges will incur. Should you need an updated transcript, you can either manually update the existing transcript or contact us at to reset the transcript process for that episode and automatically generate a new one. If we reset the transcript process, you will be charged for the newly generated transcript. 

You can find your episode transcripts by clicking on the episode title to enter the episode editing page. 

You can update and make corrections to the transcript if needed. 

You can also download a PDF that can be added to the media library of your website and you can place a text link to make the file available to listeners. 

Transcriptions are currently only available in English but we are planning to add additional languages in upcoming releases.

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