Automate Your Private Podcast With ConvertKit

Automate the management of private podcast subscribers by connecting Castos to your ConvertKit account.

What you'll need to get started

  • a private podcast hosted by Castos
  • a paid ConvertKit account

Connect Castos and ConvertKit

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard > click the Automations tab:



2. Click Connect ConvertKit:



3. Copy API key and secret code from ConvertKit

Sign into ConvertKit > click the account name and select Settings from the menu > click Advanced > copy the API key and API secret code:




4. Return to Castos and paste the API key and secret code > click Save

5. Once the Integration Status is Ready to Connect click Connect Integration:



Add an automation

1. Return to the Automations page in your Castos dashboard > click + Add Automation:


2. Set up the Trigger event

Tags, sequences, and forms you've set up in ConvertKit will be included as event options in the Trigger menu.

Select ConvertKit as the integration > select a Trigger from the menu: 


Not seeing an event that was recently added in ConvertKit? Allow up to 5 minutes for new events to sync with Castos and refresh the page.


3. Set up the Action

Select Castos > select an Action from the menu:


Select the title of the private podcast where the action should take place:


4. Click Save Rule


The rule is now added to your Automations dashboard. Click the toggle to activate or deactivate the automation:


Click the 3-dots icon to view history or delete the automation:



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